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Bryan Fox

  • Name: BRYAN FOX

  • Bryan Fox was reared in the eastern most reaches of San Diego County, in a dusty little place called Ramona. Ramona is far from any sort of breeding ground for great snowboarders, more like dirt bikers and chicken farmers. That said, Bryan high tailed it to Oregon the day after he graduated high school where he lived in his car and snowboarded every day. Fox broke onto the scene in Neoproto's Some Kinda Life with a stellar part, and has continued to produce year after year with the Neoproto turned Mack Dawg People crew. Bryan has never smoked a cigarette, and has no more than tasted alcohol. Aside from strapping into his snowboard and pushing his skateboard, Bryan loves America, heavy metal, and the full spectrum of the color black.



Meet Depth Perception — Travis Rice’s latest brainchild starring fellow Quiksilver riders Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin, Roxy’s Robin Van Gyn and the master himself.

Set deep in the layers of British Columbia’s temperate forest, the furthest inland rainforest in the world, Depth Perception returns to the roots of snowboarding and showcases the unique connection each rider shares with nature. The film sucks you into a supernatural wonderland and invites you to enjoy the best backcountry snowboarding this planet has to offer.


Narrated in a style reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s films, Depth Perception gives you the backstory on each of the riders and the BC environment. It will make you laugh, make you learn and most of all make you want to ride.


The movie will be premiered on October 16 in Bozeman, Montana. After that, Depth Perception will be screened at the following locations throughout Europe and North America. Come on out and meet Travis Rice — we’ll see you there.

World Premiere

Oct 16th - Bozeman, Montana

Oct 17th - Jackson, Wyoming

European Tour

Oct 19th - Innsbruck, Austria

October 23 - Munich, Germany

Oct 25th - Moscow, Russia

Oct 27th - London, United Kingdom

North American Tour

Oct 30th - New York City, New York

Nov 6th - Denver, Colorado

Nov 7th - Salt Lake City, Utah

Nov 8th - Newport Beach, California

Nov 9th - San Francisco, California

Nov 10th - Portland, Oregon

Nov 11th - Seattle, Washington

Nov 13th - Vancouver, Canada

When you think about Australia, what comes to mind?

Kangaroos? Meat pies? Snakes, spiders and sharks that can kill you with one little nibble? Snow? Yeah, probably not snow.

However, snowboarders Bryan Fox and Austen Sweetin have quite a few mates from the land down under and they know that Australia’s got what they need when it’s summertime back home. The boys came out last year for Radical Times with Mates, where they competed in the Annual Transfer Banked Slalom Event up at Mount Thredbo. Austen won, of course.

2017 has been quite the snow season in Australia, so Bryan and Austen came back for another go at the event. What should have been a nice week to build a course essentially turned into a blizzard. Alas, the 2017 Annual Transfer Banked Slalom Event was postponed. But were Austen and Bryan stressing? Hell no.

They were blessed with some of the best snow you can get in Australia — half a meter of fresh powder with a solid base — and even snuck into a few waves while they were at it. Lay backs on the hill, high lines in the water, and nothing but Radical Times in between.

“Australia is amazing,” Bryan said. “I’m a big fan of this country and the bizarre humans that inhabit it. Oddly enough, we scored the best two days of the year at Thredbo and then headed to the Central Coast to get pounded by some big swell that had ‘too much east it in MATE!’”


“This was only my second time to Straya and i loved i twice as much” said Austen. “We managed to score Thredbo the two deepest days of winter and got the Central Coast during a decent swell. Felt good to slash pow and take a few bombers to the head. Can’t wait to come back!” He also may have stated on the Saturday night that Client Liaison were his new favourite band.


So, what did this trip teach us? Don’t let a change of plans throw you off. Go out and chase adventure anyway. Good things will come — just ask Bryan and Austen.


Photos by

Peter Boskovich (Coast)

Andrew Fawcett (Mountains)


For better or for worse, snowboard comps have grown to a grand stage. Gold medals. Mega prize purses. Huge crowds, corporate support.

Which is exactly why events like the Drink Water Rat Race are so special.


The Rat Race cuts straight back to the core. The course is designed and built by the competitors. The trophies and hand-made. The vibe is rootsy and the whole thing raises money for a good cause. It’s all about riding and having fun.

Here’s what the 2017 edition of the Race looked like. Maybe we’ll see you next year.



Master builder @curtisciszek |@tylerorton_ #drinkwaterratrace

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Photos by Robert Plumb. Thanks to the crew at Drink Water for yet another, RAD event!

Packing for a surf trip is hard. Packing for a snow trip is hard. Packing for a surf and snow trip that’ll whisk you through a variety of different climates is damn-near impossible.

Key word there: nearly.

Packing for a combo trip may be difficult, but it’s doable – and totally worth it. One journey, two different forms of water to ride? Now that’s living.

Our boy Bryan Fox wants to help you plan for a double entendre. Bryan hunts powder for a living and chases peaks for a passion. There’s nothing he loves more than combining the two into one itinerary. As a matter of fact, he just jumped on our Radical Times in Spain trip to do just that. While here, he took a minute to lay out his essentials for you. Watch him put them all to use by following the trip on our Instagram and Snapchat.


When packing for a trip like this, bring the most versatile boards in your quiver. You obviously want to get both the best waves and the best snow, but reality will almost certainly find a way to derail that. Accept the fact that you probably won’t score both. So unless you’re serious about getting in the backcountry or surfing a certain wave, bring boards that you’d be comfortable riding in any condition.

Tip: If you have a coffin-style surfboard bag, you can fit a snowboard in it too. Just be sure to pack it properly so nothing gets damaged – use wetsuits or jackets to make the most out of the space you have.

Quiksilver puffy jacket.

They’re warm. They’re comfortable. They look good. They’re great for planes. They’re great for trains. They fend off bears...maybe. In other words, they’re your best friend.


For the snow, you need: jacket, pants, boots, gloves, hat and goggles. For the surf: 5-mil, boots and gloves…and maybe goggles if you’re, like, a weirdo.

Tip: If you’re planning on going somewhere seriously freezing, pack petroleum jelly. It’ll save you from getting all chapped up and you can even slab some on your face before you surf…we wish we were kidding.


You live in them. You breathe in them. You sweat in them, bleed in them, eat in them and probably spill food on them. T-shirts are the most essential of all the essentials.

Camera gear

Bryan likes to document his adventures. You probably like to document your adventures, too. It doesn’t matter if you roll with a Holga or a Red Cam, just don’t leave home without it.

Sweat pants

They’re super comfy and great for layering in the cold. Plus, depending on your trip, you might end up sharing a room with six of your best friends. You’re probably better off sleeping in sweatpants than nude, no?

First aid kit

Better to be safe than slapped in the face by some cruel circumstance. Bryan’s First Aid kid features a whistle, a fire starter, a compass and more. Maybe stash a little bit of wax in there too. You don’t want to go all the way to Chile just to do a split on your first wave, do you?

Tip: You can use surf wax as a stomp pad on your snowboard.

Surf and snow on the same trip? Here’s how to pack. from quiksilver on Vimeo.

Feeling that itch to plan a trip?

Good. Maybe it’s time to embrace it.

We recently went on a surf/skate/snow/culture/madness/fun adventure through Spain and made a short film out of it. Watch it, right here and right now. It’ll probably leave you feeling like Spain is the perfect place to scratch the itch we just talked about. Which is convenient, because we already built a Boardrider’s Guide to help you get a grip on that beautiful land.

But in case you require any more persuasion, the Radical Times crew laid it out for you straight up. Here’s why you should visit Spain.

Now it’s up to you to take them up on it.

Discovering new places, having lots of fun, laughs and amazing food! What else do you need in life?

-Natxo Gonzalez

Spain is a full boardriding trip. Each part of the country offered something special and different, whether it was surfing, skating, snowboarding or just checking things out and enjoying life. This place really has it all .

-Mikey February

Spain is a beautiful country, both culturally and visually. It’s a full on boardrider’s adventure. You can skate some of the most amazing spots in the world and get some amazing scenic surf.

-Zach Miller

Spain is a magical country filled with magical humans. Skate, surf, snow, art, pintxos, tapas futbol...everything is incredible. The Spanish, Basque and Catalan communities will show you nothing but kindness. Find a cheap flight, rent a van, bring all your boards, bring all your homies. Maybe even follow our route - you won’t be disappointed!

-Bryan Fox

Pintxos before surf and pintxos after surf with a few more pintxos after that!

-Austen Sweetin

You can discover sick boardriding spots and incredible scenery where mountains meet the sea. If you're looking for an adventure, grab some mates and a few boards then hit the road!

-Mat Crepel

Photos by Ryan Heywood

Check out Radical Times below

Think about the best trip of your life, and all the things that came together in order to make it so.

Probably had a lot to do with the people. And a lot to do with the place. And a lot to do with the particular things you did to pass the time. Yeah?

Yeah. Duh.

Now here's Bryan Fox and one of the best (or most mental) trips of his well-traveled life. He went with a great crew of friends to a great backcountry area of British Columbia, Canada. And what'd they do while they were there? Well now, we couldn't think of anything much greater.

We dare you to use this as inspiration to go live the best trip of your life. Then find a way to top it.

It's the deepest fear of anyone who digs riding powder. A wildly terrifying scenario that exists someone out there in the dark realm of chance. It's a nightmare.

But, for Travis Rice, it became a reality.

While filming for The Fourth Phase in the backcountry of Alaska, Travis got caught in an avalanche. He was executing his line to perfection when the slab of snow beneath him started spidering and suddenly turned into a stampede of misty white horses. He was absorbed by the avalanche's power. It threw him off a cliff.

He could've died. Some folks would've died. But somehow, Travis lived to tell the tale — which is exactly what he does in this video.

Hit play and pay attention to the takeaway: if you ride powder, take an avalanche course. It's that simple. For more info, our boy Bryan Fox breaks it down here.

Accidents can happen. And accidents do happen.

Above all else, Quiksilver exists to inspire you to make the most out of life and have a radical time at every twist, bend and turn. But we want you to be able to wake up and do it all over again the next day.

So if you’re serious about riding powder, you should probably consider taking an avalanche class. Our boys Bryan Fox and Travis Rice just took one and came home raving about it. Here, let Bryan fill you in.

So…how was it?

It was cool. A lot of work, but it was all really worth it. Everybody who went loved it.

How long was the class?

Five days. It was intensive — we pretty much went hard the whole time. But it was the type of school that you’re super into, so it was all really fun.

Have you ever been involved in an avalanche incident?

I have. I got buried and a buddy had to dig me up, but it wasn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things. I didn’t get dragged or anything — that’s how must people die, from trauma after getting dragged over rocks or trees. Mine could have been way worse.

One of the dudes who came to the course last year recently had to dig up a guy who would have died. So he came back this year and went though the whole scenario. It was heavy. But it proved that classes like this one literally save people’s lives.


A video posted by @bryanwfox on

Do you feel like the class are growing in popularity?

They’ve been around a while and I think they’re getting more popular. I hope so, at least. I think anyone who wants to ride powder should take a class. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s not that expensive and it could save your life.

What are they all about?

It all goes back to the philosophy of preventive healthcare being better than reactionary healthcare. When people learn about what causes avalanches, they become aware of potential danger. If they understand how things work, they could curb something bad before you have to worry about digging someone up. Plus, they teach you procedures so you’re ready if things actually do go wrong.

What’s was your biggest takeaway?

Always trust your gut and be communicative with the people around you. You need to always have an open line of communication. Most of the time something bad happens, somebody will speak up after the fact and say that they saw or felt that something was off. It can be socially awkward to speak up, but you need to do it when you have a bad feeling. It could be the difference between life and death.

Two dudes. One double-sided course. Race and repeat. That’s the Double Tap.

The event brought some of best riders in the Pacific Northwest together to hang out, high-five and go really, really fast. Over 200 competitors showed up last weekend to do just that. Some set records. Some ate shit. And at the end of the day, champions were born.

Actually, that was a lie — that wasn’t really the end of the day.

The REAL end of the day went down at The Church for the awards ceremony and the premiere of event organizer Bryan Fox’s new movie Energy. There were tacos. There was beer. There was no better way to welcome winter.

All proceeds from this event went to water.org, an organization dedicated to providing access to clean water to all. If you’re in a position to give, please do so here.

quiksilver-europe.com/html/upload/news/upload/14122016151126Screen-Shot-2016-12-14-at-3.56.20-PM.png" alt="" class="img-responsive">

This video part doesn’t necessarily have a title…maybe we just call it “Something Else On The Internet”. Regardless, when Bryan Fox makes video parts, he makes them hoping they have the same effect on you, that they had on him when he was young. That it makes you want to go snowboard. Makes you want to text your buddy and plan a trip. That it makes you want to go ride powder and try backflips off little jumps in the woods.