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Dede Suryana

  • Date of Birth:10/11/1985
  • Hometown: Java, Indonesia

  • As one of the first Indonesians to make a big impact on the international surf scene, Dede Suryana has taken every opportunity and made it count. Best known for his big turns and inverted airs, Dede tackled the QS and grabbed a few big results. He’s a guiding light for the next generation of Indonesian surfers.



What comes to mind when you think of Bali?For most, the answer sounds something like this: amazing waves, warm water, wild nights and an ice-cold Bintang always within an arm’s reach. It sure can feel like paradise

Each year, we host The Annual Big Bali Eco Weekend to raise awareness for the cause and celebrate the efforts of those working hard to correct the island’s environmental issues.

As part of our commitment to keeping Bali clean, we have supported the breeding of sea turtles at Kuta Beach since 2007. In that time, we have released over 140,000 sea turtles back into the ocean. The 2017 Big Bali Eco Weekend gives you a chance to get involved and bump that number up even higher. To get involved, get down to Kuta Beach on Saturday the 29th of July. The beach clean up will be at 4pm followed by the Sea Turtle release at 5pm.



What about the part where you actually get to go surfing? Yeah, just here.

Part of the weekend includes a surf contest, which means you get to paddle out at Uluwatu...with only 4 guys out. There are 40 spots on a first-come, first served basis. Just get there early on the morning of July 30th.

This year, Quiksilver and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia will work closely with Uluwatu based NGO, Project Clean Uluwatu (PCU) and the local Uluwatu Boardriders to raise funds that will go towards new infrastructure at Uluwatu that will keep the world class wave clean and pristine for generations to come.

The lucky 40+ surfers will get to paddle out and compete with Quiksilver legends including Mark Richards, Matt Hoy, Tom Carroll and Simon Anderson. Joining the international legends will be Bali legends that include Made Kasim, Ketut Menda, Made Switra, Made Lana, Tipi Jabrik, Dede Suryana and Rizal Tanjung for a total of 54 participants.

Need we say more? Here are some photos from last year... This could be yours for about $150 US

To register for the Quiksilver Uluwatu Challenge event, please send your name and contact information via email to quiksilver.challenge@quiksilver.co.id.


See you at Racetracks!

Some years are better than others – and Dede Suryana’s 2014 has been epic, especially the last couple of months. Within a few weeks he became a father for the first time, then a couple of days later he won the ASP 1 star Komune Bali Pro in Keramas – which also happened to be his birthday. Then he won the 2014 ASC Men’s Championship in Taiwan. What a year. We asked him to talk us through his crazy day at Keramas.

“Two days before my daughter was born. I'd just got through to round three at the Komune Bali Pro and I got a message from my brother saying 'Congratulations, you're a father now' and I was like 'What!?'. I didn't know she'd gone to the hospital. I called my wife and she told me the baby was born and everything was good. I wanted to go home to Java but my wife wanted me to focus on the contest. So I made another heat and I made the final on the Saturday and it was my birthday and then I won the contest too. What a day!”

To round-off his epic year he’s going to surf Pipeline for a month and he’s taking local Indonesian grommet Rio Waida along for the trip. What a way to end an epic year.

All pics courtesy of ASC / Tim Hain

Nearly every surfer who visits Bali falls in love with the place – the waves, the culture, the food, the people, the sunsets, the good times. What’s not to love?

But over the years Bali has started to deal with a trash problem – and it’s not going away. For four months of every year during the wet season Bali’s beaches are full of rubbish. It sucks. So Quiksilver partnered with Coca-Cola Amatil and Garuda Indonesia and decided to do something about it. Since 2008, 75 local workers have been cleaning six miles of beach from Kuta to Jimbaran every single day – that’s 13,000 dump trucks of rubbish and counting.

Each year to raise awareness – and surf – we host Bali’s Big Eco Weekend. Last Saturday, our legends and team riders headed to Legian for a beach clean-up, release 1,000 freshly hatched sea turtles back into the ocean and to share the stoke with the local groms and tourists. To wrap up the day – and prepare for the Uluwatu Challenge – a Balinese Hindu priest welcomed the good spirits with a blessing on the beach of the team riders and legends at sunset.

Photos: Jason Childs.
The gods were smiling on Sunday as glassy sets rolled into Uluwatu. Surfing six person heats, our team riders sat in the line-up with frothing surfers whose entry fee pays to keep the clean-up project going. Everyone was stoked. Among the crew was a 16 year old from Barbados, expats, Uluwatu locals, and the Quiksilver work experience kid from the Bali office. They took turns to get barreled (or go over the falls trying) with team riders and legends. Freddy P, Matt Hoy, Craig Anderson, Jake Paterson, Mark Richards, Rosy Hodge, Bruna Schmitz and Kelia Moniz were in the water. Plus the local crew Dede Suryana, Tipi Jabrik, Rio Waida. Not a bad line-up.

Balinese Hindu offerings / Photo: Tim Hain

As the clean five foot sets rolled in, Kelia Moniz nose rode on one wave as Jake Paterson threw buckets on the wave behind. The guys hooted the girls, the girls hooted the guys. Everyone was super stoked. Freddy P scored a perfect 10, winning the comp.

At sunset, Bintangs were clinked, the music was cranked and Hoyo jumped up on stage to bang out some AC/DC at Single Fin. Epic. Make sure you’re there next year.

Photos: Jason Childs.
Mark Richards / Photo: Ryan Heywood
Craig Anderson & Kelia Moniz / Photo: Ryan Heywood

Rio Waida / Photo: Jason Childs

Jake Paterson / Photo: Jason Childs

Kelia Moniz / Photo: Jason Childs
Craig Anderson / Photo: Jason Childs
Photo: Tim Hain
Rosy Hodge & frothing local Billy Hangan / Photo: Jason Childs
Matt Hoy / Photo: Jason Childs
Mark Richards / Photo: Jason Childs
Jake Paterson / Photo: Tim Hain
Kelia Moniz and Bruna Schmitz / Photo: Jason Childs
Freddy P / Photo: Jason Childs
Rosy Hodge / Photo: Tim Hain

Have you ever wanted to surf Uluwatu uncrowded? Yep, so have we.

Have you ever wanted to surf with legends like Mark Richards, Matt Hoy or Jake Paterson? Or how about Craig Anderson or Freddy P? Or local Bali legends Made Kasim, Ketut Menda, and Made Lana and Quiksilver team riders Tipi Jabrik and Dede Suryana? Yep, so have we.

This Sunday 22 June, 32 lucky surfers will paddle out and compete with these legends and team riders to raise money for environmental and beach clean-up programs in Bali.

Our clean-up program employs a crew of 74 who collect rubbish every day from the Kuta, Kedonganan, Jimbaran, Seminyak, and Legian beaches. Since 2008, over 24 million tons of rubbish has been collected. Yep, that's truckloads.

Email nadia.masrunon@asiansurfingtour.com with your contact details. All entries are on a first come, first served basis. The entry fee is Rp. 2 million (about $180 USD) entry fee - and proceeds go to beach clean-up programs in Bali.

Successful applicants will be notified and expected to attend the opening party at the Boardriders Café on Jalan Legian in Kuta starting at 7:00pm on June 20, where they will pay an entry fee and view heat draws.

The event will run in an Eddie Aikau six-person heat format, where each surfer competes in two heats and the two highest scores from their four best waves will be scored and totaled. The surfer with the highest two-wave score total (out of a possible 20 points, maximum of 10 points per wave) will be declared the winner of the event.

“I travel all over the world and still rate Indo as my favorite…looking forward to getting on to some long lefts at Ulus!” says Craig Anderson.

After the competition the Single Fin bar will open up for a sunset party and host the awards presentation. Good times.

If you want to get more involved with Bali's Big Eco Weekend come down to Legian Beach all day Saturday for a community event - there's a beach clean-up and locals ripping in the Padma Challenge Surf Comp. Our legends and team riders crew will be sharing the stoke too. Come and get amongst it.

The Quiksilver Uluwatu Challenge is presented by Quiksilver, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia, Boardriders Café, Single Fin, Jim Beam, and San Miguel, with support by the Uluwatu Boardriders Club and the Asian Surfing Championships.

Photos by Jason Childs.